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Accessibility for Individuals with a Disability

Actions Library Employees will undertake relating to Disruption of Service:

Where there is any temporary disruption in services, in whole or in part, and as soon as Hamilton Public Library employees have confirmed the disruption in service or have advance notice of a planned disruption, disruption notices will be

  • posted on site at the entrance to the library
  • posted at other locations such as the entrances to the next closest library
  • branches
  • provided in recorded telephone messages for the location
  • provided through telephone calls/messages to persons with disabilities that are known to be registered in programs or working as volunteers
  • posted on the Library website
  • posted on the Library intranet
  • provided to local and regional media where applicable [consult with Manager, Communications 905-979-9780

2. Employees will create notices in Large Print using Arial 18 or Verdana 18 font as a minimum. In case of power failure, notices may be handwritten but in most cases the notice will be typed. The form is best printed as bold black print on yellow paper if it is available. Do not use another colour paper if yellow is not available: use white instead.

3. Employees will use the Temporary Accessible Service Disruption Form and include the following information

  • information about the reason for the disruption in the service or program
  • the anticipated duration of the disruption
  • a description of any available alternate services/locations with service availability
  • employee's contact name, which will usually be the Manager, and may be the Manager, Communications or alternate.

Publish Date

January 2020