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Library Switchboard: 905-546-3200

Senior Leadership Team

photo of male Lorie Lee Headshot Photophoto of femalephoto of femalephoto of male photo of female

Paul Takala, CEO and Chief Librarian,, x3214

Callie Blackburn, Administrative Assistant to the CEO,, x3214

Lorie Lee, Senior Leadership Support Manager,, x3478

Lisa DuPelle, Director, Human Resources and Information Services,, x3290

Sherry Fahim, Director, Digital Technology and Creation,, x3557

Tony Del Monaco, Director, Finance and Facilities,, x3226

Dawna Wark, Director, Public Services - Branches,, x3285

Cindy Poggiaroni, Director, Collections and Program Development,, x3442

(Photos L to R: Paul Takala, Lorie Lee, Lisa DuPelle, Sherry Fahim, Tony Del Monaco, Dawna Wark)


System and Central Library Managers

Central Information Services: Dijia Qin,, x6343

Collections and Extension Services: Meghan Tinmouth,, x3230

Communications: Shelley McKay,, x5934
Media relations (media only, please): 905-973-1847

Digital Technology Infrastructure: Zaman Kazi,, x3999

Interim Digital Technology Services: Zaman Kazi,, x3999

Facilities: Assad Hoosein,, x3207

Local History and Archives: Karen Milligan,, x3209

Program Development: Nancy, x3497

Technical Services Manager: Matthew Blacquiere,, x1163

Youth Services and Central Children's: Vacant

Branch Managers

Ancaster: Jen Gal,, x3463

Barton: Melissa McSweeney,, x3452

Binbrook: Ania Van Minnen,, x3436Caitlin Fralick,, x1022

Carlisle: Amy Hunter,, x6603

Concession: Alilison Stockton-Aird,, x1022

Dundas: Kathleen Shannon,,  x1404

Freelton: Amy Hunter,, x6603

Greensville:  Kathleen Shannon,,  x1404

Kenilworth: Melissa McSweeney,, x3452

Locke: Naomi Brun,, x3400

Lynden: Jen Gal,, x3463

Mount Hope: Shelagh Griffin,, x4224

Parkdale: Kat Drennan-Scace,, x2976

Red Hill: Kat Drennan-Scace,, x2976

Saltfleet: Sarah Gauthier,, x1046

Sherwood: Alilison Stockton-Aird,, x1022

Stoney Creek: Sarah Gauthier,, x1046

Terryberry: Caitlin Fralick,, x7065

Turner Park: Shelagh Griffin,, x4224

Valley ParkAnia Van Minnen,, x3436

Waterdown: Amy Hunter,, x6603

Westdale: Naomi Brun,, x3400