Discovery Centre

Discovery Centre

Envisioning the New Discovery Centre 

Hamilton Public Library (HPL) is embarking on an exciting Program Design and Development Study to test the feasibility of a new Discovery Centre (77 Harbourside Way) as part of the City of Hamilton’s West Harbour Project. 

The Discovery Centre would feature: 

  • A gathering place defined, led and staffed by local Indigenous peoples. 

  • A modern Library Branch with a full range of services. 

  • A showcase for captivating cultural heritage-based experiences and exhibitions. 

  • Shared spaces that create a welcoming, accessible building. 

  • A relaxing café to connect with friends, neighbours and colleagues. 

HPL has identified one overarching goal for the site – the opportunity to advance social cohesion within the community by deliberately creating spaces, programs and services that attract people of all ages, cultures and economic backgrounds. 

A successful Hamilton Discovery Centre will be:   

  • A free, open and vibrant space that welcomes residents and visitors from all ages and backgrounds 

  • An accessible space that keeps its doors open all week and all year long  

  • Engaging for residents of both new and existing North-end neighbours  

  • A place that helps us understand our individual and collective heritage  

  • A gathering place, where everyone comes together to learn each other’s past, present and future stories 

  • Revitalized and animated with activity – inside and outside  

Significant engagement with members of the Indigenous community and consultation with the public is part of the work ahead. 

As HPL develops the core elements of the Program Design and Development Study, we will gather input from stakeholders and include regular community consultation and updates. We aim to select a consultant to begin work in fall-2024, with a completed Study ready for Council review in 2026.  

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Last updated May 2024