Makerspace In Action

Makerspace in Action

Something is always going on at our Makerspaces -- Programs, Art, Projects. Visit one of our 17 Makerspaces and Maker Studios and join the action. 

2019 SHSM Certification

Central Library

An image of teens working on their SHSM certificate at Central Library Makerspace

Students worked with Hamilton Public Library to explore a better understanding of video and audio recording equipment.  After touring the spaces at the Hamilton Public Library Central Library and engaging in some deeper learning about recording equipment, the students worked in small teams to put their learning into action by creating a short newscast.  Check out what they put together in a very short window of time; maximizing the use of the green screen


Donna Akrey


Woman reading description of art posters on a far wall

Donna Akrey, Hamilton Arts Award winner for Visual Arts Category used the Makerspace at the Central Library of Hamilton Public Library to help complete her Translations exhibit. 

This collection of work is called Translations ---as in--- a change to a different substance, form, appearance or a conversion

It is the substance or idea of the book - the object - the cover - the memory - that is the subject of translation. The books chosen are iconic to Akrey. Her process involved identifying the specific editions at Hamilton Public Library and translating those edition covers into her own version, similar to how each reader can take something different from the same book.

Painting and drawing in the library, and exploring the Makerspace in the Circuit 4.0, Akrey used the library as a studio space in order to slow down and ruminate on the books that have influenced her throughout her life. The process reminded her of our relationships with these books we read. They widen our knowledge, point of view and vision and are an intrinsic part of our psyche.

close up of a 3D print head
Mixed Media

Donna uses the Makerbot 3D printer to bring her art to life.

Close up of a clown design being embroidered

The Janome Memorycraft 500e Embroidery machine was the perfect choice to create these high contrast and bright patches to be used in her exhibit.

picture of a vinyl print done on transparent vinyl
Vinyl Cutter

The Roland BN-20 Vinyl Printer / Cutter was utilized to print high quality images that can be attached to most surfaces.

The Sign

Fixing our sign at Turner Park

photo of the Turner Park Branch sign

When the sign at our Turner Park Branch broke, we decided to make use of our 3D printers to replace the letter.  This is just one of the ways that the Makerspace made our lives easier. Do you have a story or project to share with us? 

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