Makerspace In Action

Makerspace in Action

Something is always going on at our Makerspaces -- Programs, Art, Projects. Be part of the action at our 17 Makerspaces and Maker Studios. Here are a few of the many stories unfolding daily …

2019 SHSM Certification

Central Library

An image of teens working on their SHSM certificate at Central Library Makerspace

High school students working toward an Information and Communications Technology certificate used the video and recording equipment, including our green screen, at Central Library to create this short newscast. Watch.




Creativity Contest

Gears on a chromatic background with the text INSPIRE

Nautilus Gears contest got you feeling inspired?

Create, draw, write, print or make anything fun in HPL’s Makerspace using the Nautilus Gears clue sets or Journal as inspiration. Enter your creation into the Makerspace Gears contest to win a $50 gift card toward your next Makerspace project.

Submit your design using the Makerspace Creativity Contest Form


The Sign

Fixing our sign at Turner Park

photo of the Turner Park Branch sign

When one of the letters in our sign at our Turner Park Branch broke, we replaced it with a 3D-made one.

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