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Makerspace Price Guide

collage of equipment in the makerspace  with text price guide

3D Printer 

  • Filament - $0.10/gram 

Vinyl Cutter 

  • Vinyl - $1.00/foot

Vinyl Cutter/Printer

  • Ink - $0.50/ml 
  • Vinyl $1.50/foot (clear, matte, glossy)
  • Premium Vinyl  $3.00/foot (glossy) 

Large Format Printer 

  • Ink - $0.75/ml
  • Paper: $2.00/foot (matte paper) 
  • Paper: $2.00/foot (premium and photo paper)

Laser Cutter

  • Coming Soon


  • Thread $2.00/10,000 stitches ($2.00 minimum) 
  • Backing $0.50/foot (1 foot minimum) 


  • Paper - $0.50/sheet
  • Vinyl - $1.00/foot

** With the exception of the Large Format Printer, we are able to estimate how much a project will cost before it is run. 
** As per our guidelines, we will only use materials that are available in the Makerspace.