Meet Our Residents

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Hamilton Public Library’s Researcher-in-Residence coordinates and supports studies at McMaster University and other community organizations. These projects provide valuable insights into community health, financial and social needs and challenges, enabling the development of effective services and supports. Learn more about our Researcher-in-Residence program.

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Junior Librarian-in-Residence 

The Junior Librarian-in-Residence at Hamilton Public Library is dedicated to igniting a lifelong love of reading among children of all ages. Through book recommendations, their aim is to inspire young minds to embrace the joy of reading and unlock endless possibilities for growth, imagination and discovery. Learn more about our current Junior Librarian-in-Residence

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The Writer-in-Residence connects aspiring writers in the Hamilton community with an established author, to create a nurturing environment for artistic growth and mentorship. Designed to inspire and elevate creative spirits, the Writer-in-Residence offers practical guidance and advice for writers of all backgrounds and genres. Learn more about our current Writer-in-Residence.