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Computers & WiFi

A library computer at Central Library

Public Computers

Please check the COVID Updates page for up to date information on available services.

Public computers are available at all branches (except Locke). Members using the library computers must abide by the Technology Use Policy for Library Customers. Members get 110 minutes of computer time per day at all branches. If you need more time, ask staff. However, this can only be done if there’s no one else waiting for a computer. This is to ensure all HPL Members have equal access to a computer.

All computers automatically shut down 30 minutes before the branch closes.

All computers are equipped with USB ports (to use with USB drives), have Internet access and many branches offer additional software such as Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

Accessibility options (magnification, text narration, on-screen keyboard) are available on all public computers. There is an accessible keyboard and trackball mouse available for use at each branch. At the Central Library, there is a dedicated accessibility computer equipped with JAWS screen reader program.

Printing is available at all locations (except Locke). The first 10 black and white pages printed each day are free. Additional printing costs 10-cents/page for black and white and 25-cents per page for colour.

The Library offers online computer classes and individual virtual appointments to help with basic technical issues, downloading eBooks and using our online resources.

Wireless (HPL_Guest)

HPL's wireless network complements computer access and enables members to use online resources and the Internet with their own wireless-enabled equipment.