Watch our popular Storytimes and Puppet Shows at home. Listen and sing-along to HPL's talented storytellers. Both educational and entertaining, this is parent-approved screen time. Our Storytime events page lists the date and time of upcoming videos.

Find a collection of daily literacy-building activities that you can share with your child on our June 2024 Literacy Calendar.

Download a Colouring and Activity book created by the Group of Six, young artists from Six Nations, Grand River Territory. Learn about culture, language, ceremonial traditions, stories and crafts that celebrate Indigenous life and history.



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For bedtime or quiet time, listen on the telephone as HPL staff read children's stories.
Dial 905-546-3200, and choose "Option 4" to listen to:


French (en français)

They Say Blue (Press 1) Appuyer sur le 21 pour Le Costume de Malaika
Little You (Press 2) Appuyer sur le 22 pour Dors bien petit chevalier
Sometimes I Feel Like a Fox (Press 3) Appuyer sur le 23 pour Les Trésors de Monsieur Monsieur
Moon Wishes (Press 4) Appuyer sur le 24 pour A la pêche avec grand maman
You Hold Me Up (Press 5) Appuyer sur le 25 pour Une Mitaine pour deux
My Heart Fills with Happiness (Press 6)  
Once Upon a Northern Night (Press 7)  
Harry’s Hiccups (Press 8)  
Angus All Aglow (Press 9)  
What Matters (Press 10)  
It’s Time for Bed (Press 11)  
Picture the Sky (Press 12)  
Nibi’s Water Song (Press 13)  
Friends for Real (Press 14)  
In The Sky at Nighttime (Press 15)  
What’s My Superpower (Press 16)  
Sweetest Kulu (Press 17)  
Fox and Squirrel Help Out (Press 18)  
Boxitects (Press 19)  
Hermit Thrush shared with HPL by Niwasa Kendaaswin Teg (Press 20)
I Sang You Down From the Stars  (Press 48)

HPL telephone stories