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Fines and Fees Policy

Hamilton Public Library will not charge fines on overdue items or fees on lost materials. Lost or damaged fees for digital equipment or Interlibrary loans will be charged.

Policy Purpose:

To ensure that staff and the public are aware and can easily access the parameters regarding fines and fees for a variety of services.

Key Point Summary:

  • Fees are charged for services such as printing.
  • Borrowing privileges for physical materials are suspended when an overdue limit is reached.
  • Customers are notified of long overdue materials. The Library uses a collection agency to collect overdue accounts that exceed the established threshold. Accounts are not reported to credit firms.
  • A summary of fines and fees is provided for the following categories:
    • Non-resident fees
    • Printing, photocopying and Makerspace fees
    • Local History & Archives image reproduction fees
    • Program room & space rental fees
    • Fines and fees are set by the Library Board as stipulated by the Public Library Act.


Fees are collected for some services or room rentals.

Library Materials are items that can be borrowed from the Library, such as books, DVDs, magazines or video games.

Services are resources or programs that the Library offers, such as Local History & Archives image reproduction.

Collection Agency is a company used by the Library to recover materials that are past due.

Makerspace refers to the media studios and sound and photo studios that are available at many Library locations.

Policy Details:

Customers will be notified of overdue materials via phone or email. The Library does pursue blocked overdue accounts with a collection agency. Accounts are not reported to credit firms. All fines and fees were cleared in July 2020.

Staff are encouraged to use their discretion when marking overdue items as lost and returned. Staff will refer to their Manager for extenuating and complex situations.