Borrowing Policy

Policy Purpose

To ensure that Hamilton Public Library facilitates broad utilization of library collections and serves its members in a fair and consistent manner. The borrowing policy outlines:

  • The criteria for library membership in order to get a library card
  • Member confidentiality and the terms of the library card agreement
  • Borrowing responsibilities of the library card holder and
  • Borrowing privileges and loan periods

Key Points Summary

Summary: This policy defines who is eligible for a Library card and under what terms. A library card is not required to enter the library or use most resources within the library. Members may choose to create a library card in-person at a library branch or online through the library website. A library card is used as the primary form of contact tracing when required by Provincial regulations for operations.

The Library issues the following types of cards:

  1. Discovery cards (Adult & Youth)
  2. Non-Resident card (Adult & Youth)
  3. Inspire card (Adult & Youth)
  4. Reciprocal Borrowing card
  5. Community card

Customer Confidentiality: The Library protects personal information about a borrower consistent with the Library’s Privacy Policy.

Borrowing Responsibilities: Library card holders are responsible for materials they have borrowed. Returning items on time enables others to share the library’s collection and provides greater opportunities to browse items at the location.

Borrowing Privileges: Loan periods vary based on the kind of materials borrowed and the type of library card. Borrowing privileges can be suspended under certain circumstances.