Fines and Fees

Late fines are charged for each day an item is out past its due date. If you have advised us of your email address, you will receive an email reminding you that items are coming due.

Fine Rate for Library Materials

  • Discovery - $0.25 per item, per day; $5 maximum per item
  • Youth - $0.10 per item, per day; $2.50 maximum per item
  • DVD Express, Bestseller Express - $1 per item, per day; $10 maximum per item
  • Video Games: Adults & Teens - $1 per item, per day; $10 maximum per item
  • Video Games: Juvenile - $0.50 per item, per day; $5 maximum per item
  • Materials type exception - $0.10 per item, per day; $5 maximum per item


Exceptions to Standard Fine Rates

  • Inspire Card - No fines except $0.50 per day for Express items and Video Games to a maximum of $5. Responsible for lost and damaged material.
  • Community Cards - Fines not applied. Responsible for any lost or damaged materials
  • Interlibrary Loan items (ILLO) - Some libraries charge for late items and customers are asked to cover the late fines


Suspension of Borrowing Privileges

Borrowing privileges are suspended when customers have fines and/or overdue materials in excess of the following limits.

  • Discovery Cards - $50 suspension limit
  • Inspire Cards - $50 suspension limit or if two items are overdue
  • Community Cards - $300 suspension limit
  • Reciprocal Cards - $10 suspension limit
  • Non-Resident Cards - $50 suspension limit


How to pay fines:

Borrowers can pay fines or fees at a service desk at any location or online. Customers can pay fines or fees on accounts other than their own without the card being present, and staff can issue a receipt.


Lost / Damaged Materials

Customers are responsible for lost / damaged materials and are required to pay the lost cost. Associated fines are not applied.

The lost cost for items is for each material type as outlined below.

Substitutes - Hamilton Public Library does not accept substitutes for lost or damaged material in lieu of lost costs.

Interlibrary Loans - * The Interlibrary Loan rate listed is the rate assigned at the time the item is determined lost or missing. Customers are responsible for the full rate charged by the lending Institutions and rates are adjusted as the customer is invoiced.

Equipment Loans - When Makerspace equipment and supplies are damaged or lost, the customer who booked the equipment will be charged based on the lost costs as listed in the Fines and Fess Policy.

Material Lost Fees

  • Audio Book $20
  • Book/Bestseller Express -$20
  • Book Club Kit Book - $5
  • Comic - $1
  • CD - $10
  • DVD/Express DVD/BluRay - $20
  • Graphic Novel - $10
  • Interlibrary Loan* -$25
  • Kit - $20
  • Magazine - $1
  • Paperback, Beginning Reader/Board book - $5
  • Sheet Music $5
  • Video Game $50

Found / Returned Items

If the lost item is found and returned, you will be eligible for reimbursement of the charge as long as the following criteria are met:

  • It is within three months of the due date. No refund will be permitted after three months.
  • The original receipt for payment is provided. No refund will be permitted without the original receipt.


Refund Policy

Payment Options

Fines and fees can be paid at any branch with cash, debit, VISA or Mastercard.

Payment can also be made online through SmartPay. Online payment is only available for credit cards at this time.

Collection Agency Notification

Library accounts will be sent to a collection agency after 21 days when your card has reached $50.00 due to:

  • Fines for overdue items and/or;
  • Charges for lost items

You will not be able to borrow materials until your account is cleared.

If your account is sent to the collection agency, a non-refundable fee of $15.00 will be added to your account.


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