Ready for Reading

Mother reading with young daughterDid you know that it is never too early to prepare your child for success as a reader?  As a parent or caregiver of a newborn, toddler or preschooler, you are your child's first teacher.

Reading together is the most important gift that you can give your young child. Every Child Ready to Read identifies five pre-reading skills that children should have in order to learn to read.


Talking with children is one of the best ways to help them learn new words and information.


Songs are a natural way for children to learn about language.


Reading together is the single most important way to help children get ready to read.


Writing and reading go together. Scribbling and writing help children learn that written words stand for spoken language.


Playing helps children put together thoughts into words and think symbolically so they understand that spoken and written words can stand for real objects and experiences.