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Partnership Policy

Policy Purpose

This policy provides an overall framework for the Hamilton Public Library to manage existing and new partnerships. The goal is to ensure HPL has strong community partnerships that are focused on advancing Library, City and community goals.


Reasons for Engaging in Partnership

The Hamilton Public Library engages in partnerships to:

  1. Extend and enhance Library services and programs in a sustainable way
  2. Increase awareness of Library services and programs
  3. Support the City of Hamilton and broad based community initiatives that advance Hamilton’s economic, social and cultural richness
  4. Enhance coordination and reduce overlap in efforts between agencies serving Hamilton



A Partnership is defined as a mutually beneficial collaboration between the Library and an external organization(s). Partner contributions provide support for and/or promote activities, services, events and programs to the public in ways that are mutually beneficial.


Criteria for Engaging in Partnerships

The following criteria govern how HPL approaches partnerships and related activities. Not all criteria will apply in every case, however, they will be used to inform decision making. Priority will be given to organizations and initiatives that meet multiple criteria from the following list:

  1. Aligns with our core organizational values (Intellectual Freedom, Inclusiveness, Innovation, Respect and Accountability)
  2. Shares common goals or objectives with HPL
  3. Is committed to collaborative and shared planning
  4. Is committed to ongoing evaluation of progress and continuous improvement
  5. Is committed to collective impact and long-term strategies
  6. Is committed to looking for mutual benefit and a reciprocal approach to levels of commitment