Hamilton Public Library Board By-Laws

Hamilton Public Library Board By-Laws for the Regulation of the Business of the Board  (December 2016)

Approved: March 2005; revised November 2007; approved December 16.

The Hamilton Public Library Board is duly constituted as a corporation and governed by the provisions of the Public Libraries Act, Statutes of Ontario, 1990, Chapter P. 44 and is established by the provisions of City of Hamilton By-Law 04-019.

 The Hamilton Public Library Board, hereinafter called “the Board”, enacts the following by-laws for regulation of the business of the Board.

Table of Contents

  • Section 1 - Governance Vision of the Hamilton Public Library Board
  • Section 2 - Corporation
  • Section 3 - Officers
  • Section 4 - Board Members Code of Conduct
  • Section 5 – Inaugural Meetings and Elections
  • Section 6 - Meetings and Notice of Meetings; Special meetings; Attendance; Quorum; Voting; Agenda Procedure; Meeting Procedural Rules; Order of Business; Delegations; In Camera Sessions; Committees; Standing Committees –Nominating Committee, Audit Committee
  • Section 7 - Payment of Board Expenses
  • Section 8 - Amendment of the By-Laws
  • Section 9 - Board Self-Assessment
  • Section 10 - Effective Date
  • Appendix 1 - Audit Committee Terms of Reference

1.0 Governance Vision of the Hamilton Public Library Board

The Hamilton Public Library Board oversees the purpose, plans and policies of the Hamilton Public Library. It is the responsibility of the Library Board to ensure that the funding it receives provides the best possible library service to Hamilton residents. In addition, it is committed to providing effective governance for the Hamilton Public Library to ensure services and programs offered by HPL remain relevant to the changing needs of the communities we serve. The Library Board has four main functions:

1)            To establish the mission and strategic directions.

2)            To hire and evaluate the Chief Executive Officer/Chief Librarian.

3)            To ensure resources are in place to achieve the mission.

4)            To monitor and audit results of programs and resources.

2.0 Corporation

In accordance with the Corporations Act, the Board shall have a corporate seal, which shall be under the control and responsibility of the Chief Executive Officer. This seal shall be affixed under the direction of the Board to all deeds, contracts, or documents requiring the seal, which seal shall be attested to by the signatures of the Chair and the Secretary, or by such other member and/or other officer as the Board shall direct.

The Head Office of the Board shall be at the Central Library, 55 York Boulevard, Hamilton, Ontario L8R 3K1.