OGS Collection Family Histories

These books are filed alphabetically by the Family name.

Those books listed in italics were not transferred from the OGS as Local History & Archives or the library general collection already owned them. To access these books please use the library call number.


ADDISON William Addison & Ann Stuart family (00373)

AITKEN Never a Day So Bright. Kate Aitken (00375)

ALLISON Descendants of Wm. M. Allison & Elizabeth Lister. R929.2 ALLIS CESH (00376)

ALMAS (ALMOST), LAND, GURNETT, MORRISON & HILL. Index to data base. (00377)

ARTHUR The Round Table. Quarterly Newsletter. Clan Arthur. (01972)

ASHBAUGH David Ashbaugh (00378)

AUDETTE Family of Antoine Audette & Auralie Bernard. R929.20971352 AUDET WAD CESH (00379)

AWDE The Awde Family History (00380)

BAGLEY The Bagley Family History (00381)

BAGSHAW William Bagshaw & Sarah Bolton. Genealogy charts (00382)

BAKER Baker Family History - Somersetshire to Wentworth. Book 1: Turner. Lyons, Baker (00383)

BALL William Ball & Descendants. R929.209713 BALL CESH (00384)

BANFIELD Banfield Family History (00385)

BARKER - JOSLYN The Barker-Joslyn Family Tree Climber (00386)

BARKLEY Remarkable World of Frances Barkley. 1769-1845. (00148)

BARNARDO Thomas John Barnardo 1845-1905. “The Barnardo Homes” (00387)

BARNES A Family Named Barnes (00388)

BARRETT Barrett Newsletter #14 - 91 (00390)

BARRETT Correspondence List & Registry Index (00389)

BATSON The Batsons of Northeastern United States. R929.209713 BAT CESH (02458)

BAUMAN Family Records of the Descendants of Pioneer Joseph Bauman also some records of David and Henry Bauman (00391)

BEACH Beach in Canada - A Pictorial Genealogy (00392)

BEAMER John Beamer 1759-1854 (00393)

BECK Beck Family. F.W. Beck 1817-1904 & Eve Schwingel (00394)

BERCZY William Berczy - Co-founder of Toronto (00395)

BERCZY William Berczy 1744-1813 (00396)

BETZNER Betzner Family in Canada 1799-1970 (00397)

BIEHN Biehn Family (00398)

BIEHN Biehn/Bean Family of Bucks County, Pennsylvania and Ontario, Canada 1700-1986 (00399)

BISHOP Ancestral Line of Absalom Bishop Sr. 1627-1926 (00400)

BLAGDON Blagdon Family History (00401)

BLAIN The Blain Family Newsletter Vol. 1 1981(00402)

BOCK Frederick Bock (BUCK) 1760-1831 & Maria Reichard 1765-1830. (00404)

BOND Descendants of Silas Bond (00405)

BOUDREAU Ancestors of Exzlia Elizabeth Boudreau. Branch lines of Boudreau, Senezaque, Senet & Menard. Vol. 1 (00406)

BOWINS Bowins Family - J. Bowins Jr. 1839-1925 & E. Payne (00407)

BOWLES The Bowles Family (00408)

BOWMAN The Man Who Could Do Anything. The Story of Simeon Bowman. (00409)

BRIGHAM-DUNLOP The Brigham Dunlop Family 1705-1995 (00410)

BROWN Brown Family History. Haldimand County 1805-1898 (00411)


BUTCHER Descendants of John Butcher & Sarah Shank. R929.2 BUTCH CESC (00412)