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FAQ - Volunteer page

What do I need to be a Hamilton Public Library volunteer?

  • The Hamilton Public Library offers a wide variety of volunteer opportunities and each position requires different qualifications. For further information please read the detailed descriptions for each of our positions.

What is the time commitment required to be a volunteer?

  • The volunteer programs at the Hamilton Public Library have varying time commitments. Programs such as Teen Tech Club and Ready to Read run during the school year. Other programs require longer commitment times. The English Language Learning (ELL) Tutoring program requires a minimum commitment of six months and the Visiting Library Service Delivery program requires a minimum one year commitment.

How long does it take to be placed in a volunteer position?

  •  Placement times vary by the position. Some volunteer programs run only at certain times of the year (such as Teen Tech). Other programs such as the English Language Learning (ELL) Tutoring program take longer for placement since the volunteer and student need to be matched based on several factors including schedules, gender, approximate age and other factors.
  • Application forms are kept on file for six months; you will be contacted if there is a position available.

How old do I have to be to volunteer?

  • Youth volunteers must be 14 and older. Opportunities available for youth include Teen Tech, Knit for a Cause and Teen Review Board. Please note that volunteer applicants under 18 require a parent/guardian signature on the application form.
  • Adults volunteers must be 19 and older. ELL Tutoring and Visiting Library Service Delivery positions are open to adults only.

Do I need a Police Check?

  • Volunteers ages 18 and older will need to provide Police Checks once they have been accepted as a volunteer. The position description will specify which type of Police Check is required.
  • Please do not apply and pay for a Police Check before being accepted as a volunteer.

Who can I use as a reference if I'm a teen?

  • Teens who are applying for youth volunteer positions can use a teacher, guidance counsellor, neighbour, family friend, a member of their place of worship, past or present employers (including someone you have babysat for) or other adults who can confirm that you are suitable for the position. Remember to include their phone number and to ask permission before using someone's name as a reference.

Where can I find more information?

  • The Volunteer Coordinator can be contacted at (905) 546-3200 x3620 or