Donations, Sponsorship and Fundraising Policy


The Hamilton Public Library is a registered charity and follows all relevant rules and regulations of the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA).

All donations constitute a complete transfer from the previous owner to the Library. Unless a mutual agreement between the Library and the donor is achieved, if the owner is unwilling to transfer full ownership and rights then the gift will be declined with thanks.

The Hamilton Public Library has no obligation to inform the donor of the disposition of the donated materials, to retain intact, or to reserve special library shelving for unsolicited gifts of private collections. Donations will be accepted on the understanding they will be used in accordance with the criteria established in this policy.

Types of Gifts

HPL welcomes and accepts different types of gifts as defined by the Canada Revenue Agency. Where applicable, the Library may require the donor to have their property appraised by a certified appraiser at a shared expense with the Library before a decision as to whether or not a donation will be accepted.

The Hamilton Public Library appreciates the generosity of those who wish to donate, the Hamilton Public Library’s Collections Policy states that the Library does not accept donations of materials for its collections. The Hamilton Public Library encourages persons with such materials to consider donating them to other community agencies.

Donations to the Local History and Archives department must align with the selection criteria identified in the Library’s Collections Policy and any relevant Local History & Archives Policies.

Note: This policy does not supersede prior agreements. Any restrictions in existence as of the effective date of this policy may remain as restrictions to disposal and the Library Board will be governed by its prior commitments. This includes memorial gifts of art which may not normally be disposed of unless the donor or donor’s representative has given approval.