Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy


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This Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy applies to all HPL employees, including but not limited to regular, temporary and contract employees, volunteers, students and interns (collectively referred to as “Employees”).

Core Principles

Core values of the Hamilton Public Library are: Intellectual Freedom, Inclusiveness, Innovation, Respect and Accountability. Each employee occupies a position of trust in dealing with others inside and outside the Library. Whatever the area of activity or degree of responsibility, the Library Board expects each employee to act in a manner which will enhance the Library’s reputation for ethical performance and professionalism in all its dealings.

The Hamilton Public Library is an organization funded primarily by the City of Hamilton and is charged with the management of public funds and programs, and therefore, employees must avoid not only actual conflicts of interest and breaches of trust, but also the appearance of conflicts of interest or breaches of trust.

Library employees often work in spaces where their actions are visible to members of the public. Staff need to ensure that both their actions and the appearance of their actions reflect well on the Hamilton Public Library. Focusing on meeting the needs of members, including making them feel welcome in our spaces is essential to building trust and confidence in HPL.

Employees of the Hamilton Public Library are guided by the following principles:

  1. We understand that we all have a role to play in ensuring the community has confidence and trust in HPL. We will behave with high ethical and customer service standards and be accountable for our actions.
  2. We will be respectful of each other and towards members of the community. We will treat all with dignity, respect and without discrimination.
  3. We will adopt the perspective of advocate for our members, ensuring we understand their needs and assist them to the best of our ability. If we are in doubt that we have not given a full answer or solution we will get appropriate assistance from other staff.
  4. We will promote and foster a safe, secure and healthy work environment and public space for all.
  5. As public servants we will not engage in any conduct or business practice which might bring the reputation of HPL into ill-repute or damage or diminish the reputation of the Library in the eyes of members of the community.
  6. We will avoid actual and potential conflicts of interest or breaches of trust. We will be proactive in disclosing actual or potential conflicts with the appropriate individuals and seek proper advice if we are unsure.
  7. We will abide by the law and adhere to all Hamilton Public Library policies and procedures. In following policy and procedures we will use good judgement and consider the individual needs of members.

Hamilton Public Library Customer Service Commitment to our Members:

At HPL our goal is to deliver an exceptional library experience. Library staff commit to:

  • Provide professional, knowledgeable and best in class customer service.
  • Be engaged with our members and our community. We welcome feedback to continually improve our service delivery.
  • Strive to meet your expectations for timely delivery of materials and provision of relevant services and programs. We are life-long learners and ready to help you with questions or concerns.
  • Provide welcoming and inclusive spaces and be sensitive to your individual needs. We will maintain your confidentiality and privacy.