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History of City Hall

Image of old city hall
Located on James St.S. Built in 1888, demolished 1960.

When the Town of Hamilton was incorporated in 1833, one of the first orders of business, after a closely fought election where 3 out of the 4 candidates had no opposition, was to find a suitable place for the town board to meet. For the first few years they made do with meeting in local taverns such as Thomas Wilson's inn on the corner of John and Jackson Streets. Mr. Wilson obviously would have no objection since he was paid quite well for the privilege of having the governing body of Hamilton in his establishment. The accounts for the town list his payment for the rental of the room as £0/7/6 in 1835.


However, a tavern was not the ideal place to conduct the business of the town and in 1835 they paid Stephenson Woods £2/15/0 for a plan of an Engine House, and in 1836 paid William Hardy £1/5/0 for drawing the specifications for this plan and contracted Scott & Biggart to build the structure. By November 25, 1835 they had paid them a total of £50/0/0 on account for the construction. On August 9, 1836, they paid A. Ross & Co. for painting the Engine House (£2/0/0) and soon they moved in, sharing quarters with the fire department and with the cells in the basement, to conduct the city's business from these more suitable environs.




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The 4th floor of the Central Library will not be available to the public from March 13 to 15 because of special JUNO events happening during these dates.

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