Donations Policy

We appreciate the generosity of those who wish to donate used materials. However, the Hamilton Public Library no longer accepts, nor uses, donated materials because of the associated costs of adding them to the collection or of disposing of them. There are, however, a number of organizations within our community that do accept materials. Please see the page for Book Donations.

In Memoriam and Monetary Donations

For In Memoriam and cash donations, please contact the Business Office at 905-546-3200 x3239.

The Business Office is open Monday to Friday from 9:00am to 5:00pm.

Background Information

We appreciate offers to donate books to the Hamilton Public Library. However, the Hamilton Public Library does not generally accept donated books as they actually end up costing us more to include in our collections.

Donations for our collections

It costs us more than $10 to add a donated book to our collections. This includes the costs of creating an electronic record so that an item can be placed in the catalogue, placing a protective cover on the item and having security tags installed. Conversely, the library does not incur such costs when we purchase new material. Vendors are able to process so many copies of a new title at one time that these costs are included in the price we pay. Most donated items are not appropriate for our collections, leaving the library to absorb the costs of sorting and disposing via recycling.

Which donations does the library accept?

The Hamilton Public Library has a mandate to collect and preserve valuable material that pertains to Hamilton’s past and its culture. We accept items such as photographic collections from professional photographers, nineteenth century scrap books that contain material on Hamilton’s history, etc. Valuable material on Hamilton’s past is evaluated by the staff in our Local History & Archives Department before being accepted.  Read more about the Local History & Archives Collections Policy.

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