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The Nautilus Gears of Dr. Tiberius Hess

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A mystery so deep, it will take a city to solve...

HPL received a donated, battered cloth-bound journal written by a doctor living and practicing in Hamilton in the mid-1800s. Our Local History and Archives department has restored the document and is amazed by its contents. Explore the mystery for yourself.


Game Clues
The final clue set has been revealed. Can you solve the mystery? Your journey starts here.
Solve to Win
The submission window is now closed. Thank you to everyone who played along and good luck to everyone who successfully decoded Dr. Tiberius Hess' clues.
How to Play
All you need to know to play Nautilus Gears Contest.
Read the Journal
The final journal entry has been unveiled. Read it now.
The Prize
Complete the clues for a chance to win a one-of-a-kind prize, locally crafted by Hamilton artisans. The prize is a mahogony puzzle box by Matthew Benedetti of Benedetti Woodworking and a gold-plated silver brooch by Caillin Kowalczky of Lovesick Designs and
H. Williams Jewelry.
The Journal of Dr. Tiberius Hess
Reddit Discussion Board
Join the discussion to collaborate, share ideas, clues and help one another solve the contest.

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Feeling inspired? You can submit your art to win a Makerspace prize too







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