Special Exhibit

A painting of a man, a horse and a house on a backdrop of a dramatic sky. Warm colours throughout. The painting is signed Hank Rintjema on the bottom left corner.

Elements of Decay by Hank Rintjema

I am fascinated with the textures, patterns, and colours of natural decay and the effects that time and weather have on man-made structures. It’s incredible how quickly an abandoned house or neglected building will deteriorate and become invaded by nature. The human condition is also affected by time, experience and circumstance. By blending faces with the failing structures, I seek to uncover a deeper story. These works, which I call “Elements of Decay” gaze past the obvious in hopes of bringing to light beauty and hope in overlooked (or unexpected) places. I have seen how perseverance and strength can be beckoned, even in the depths of despair, supplying a sheer belief that one can overcome anything. I am driven to create and have a strong desire to produce thought-provoking images that spark the imagination. My goal is to inspire those who see my work to look past the troubled surface and find hope, determination, strength and beauty.

This exhibition is on the 1st floor

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