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Program Room & Rentable Spaces Policy

Free Bookings

There is no charge for the use of a library space when the purpose of the use is to provide a Library Managed program or service. Some meeting rooms and spaces are also made available to Library Partners for free, as follows:

  • Library Partners: Library partners are eligible for some free bookings based on their partnership Tier as defined by the Partnership Policy.
  • City Councillors: City of Hamilton Councillors are eligible for two (2) free bookings per month at the Library branch in their Ward for public meetings or groups in which the Councillor is a member and a regular attendee.


Conditions of Room and Meeting Space Use

The following rules and conditions apply:

  • Equipment: Availability of equipment is specific to the room or space and on a case by case basis. Arrangements for equipment should be made in advance.
  • Restore Room/ Space Condition: Program rooms and Meeting spaces have standard set-ups that are posted in the rooms/ space. Groups are expected to restore rooms and spaces to the standard set-up and leave them clean and in good order. Special set-up is normally restricted to paid rentals and must be agreed to in advance subject to the Library’s ability to accommodate the request.
  • Public Performance Rights: Viewing of films must have appropriate Public Performance Rights in place. Films may be shown if a license has been purchased by the organizer from a rights holder such as Audio Cine Film or Criterion Pictures. Proof of the purchased film licence must be provided in advance of the booking.
  • Non-endorsement by HPL: The use of library space by a group or organization does not constitute the Library Board’s endorsement of the group’s policies or beliefs, any particular program, position or purpose of any person or organization. Where an outside group is using library space, promotional and other materials should not imply HPL sponsoring the event unless jointly agreed to at the time of the booking.
  • Observation: To ensure meetings do not violate Library policies, HPL reserves the right to observe in person any meeting or event held in its facilities.
  • Declining Room Bookings: The Library reserves the right to decline bookings that could negatively impact library operations or stress library resources. The Library reserves the right to cancel bookings when this policy is violated or in special circumstances. Library operational needs and strategic priorities change over time. Past approval for bookings, whether rental or free, should not be assumed to be an ongoing commitment from HPL. Library staff are required to regularly review priorities. When arrangements are required to change, the Library is committed to giving advanced notice.
  • Violations of Policy: Violation of the policy could lead to cancellation of events and a future prohibition on room or space booking. Groups will be held financially responsible for any violations.
  • Charges & Cancellations: Payment is due in full at the time of booking. Two (2) weeks’ (10 business days) written notice is required to cancel a room booking. A full refund will be provided if appropriate notice is given.


Special Circumstances

The following may be allowed in special circumstances subject to the written authorization of the Chief Librarian/CEO: