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Professional Development Resources for HPL Staff

New Learning Opportunities as of March 17th 2020:

Digital Literacy

23 Things:

The University of Edinburgh’s 23 Things for Digital Knowledge is an award- winning self-directed course. The programme seeks to expose you to a range of digital tools for your personal and professional development as a researcher, academic, student, or professional. The aim is for you to spend a little time each week building up and expanding your skills.  The course was structured to be presented across twelve weeks with each week containing 2 Things (except week 11 which only has 1 Thing). Since the completion of its first run, the course is continuing to be open and available for anyone to work through and participate in at their own pace.  Anyone can participate in 23 Things for Digital Knowledge by reading through the content and completing each of the Things in their own time.


LinkedIn Learning Course Suggestions

LinkedIn Learning:

Sign in to LinkedIn Learning from with your library card. Use the search box to find by title.

  • 3D Printing (23 courses)
  • Avoiding Burnout
  • Being Positive at Work
  • Building Self-Confidence
  • Chair Work: Yoga Fitness and Stretching at Your Desk
  • Collaboration Principles and Process
  • Communicating with Empathy
  • Communication Foundations
  • Computer and Text Neck Stretching Exercises
  • Computer Literacy for Mac
  • Conflict Resolution Foundations
  • The Courage Habit
  • Creative Thinking
  • Cultivating Cultural Competence and Inclusion
  • Customer Service: Handling Abusive Customers
  • Customer Service Foundations
  • Customer Service Mastery: Delight Every Customer
  • Crunch Time: How to be at Your Best When It Matters Most
  • De-Stress: Meditation and Movement for Stress Management
  • Developing a Learning Mindset
  • Empathy for Customer Service Professionals
  • Finding Your Introvert/Extrovert Balance in the Workplace
  • The Five Thieves of Happiness
  • Getting Things Done
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Writing
  • Handling Workplace Change as an Employee
  • How to Survive Difficult Coworkers
  • Improving Your Judgement for Better Decision Making
  • Improving Your Memory
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Learning to Be Approachable
  • Learning Typing
  • Learning Word
  • Listening to Customers
  • Managing Self-Doubt to Tackle Bigger Challenges
  • Managing Your Career: Early Career
  • Managing Stress
  • The Mindful Workday
  • Mindfulness Practices
  • Navigating Awkward Situations at Work
  • Outlook Essential Training (Office 365)
  • Overcoming Imposter Syndrome
  • Overcoming Overwhelm
  • Performing Under Pressure        
  • Problem Solving Techniques
  • Productivity Tips: Taking Control of Email
  • Productivity Tips: Using Technology
  • Reaching Out of Your Comfort Zone
  • The Six Morning Habits of High Performers
  • Social Success at Work
  • Subtle Shifts in Thinking for Tremendous Resilience
  • Time Management Tips: Communication
  • Time Management Tips: Teamwork
  • What to do When There’s Too Much to Do
  • Working with Difficult People
  • Writing Email


HPL’s Online Resources and Information Services

Gale Training Videos

  • Check back soon for direct links.


Novelist Training


EBSCOhost Recorded Webinars

  • Check back soon for direct links.


Ohio Reference Excellence Professional Development Training

  • 6 self-paced modules that cover many aspects of the reference process
  • For exercises that require working with your supervisor, consider self-reflecting on the activities or reaching out to a librarian via email.


E-Laws Ontario

  • Do you help customers with searches for laws and regulations?  Here are links to two help pages that provide information to make your e-law searches more effective:



There are many free webinars related to public libraries that can be found on the internet. The following are some repositories of webinar archives, many of which are from the United States:



Health and Safety

From the Public Services Health and Safety Association

E-learning modules are available with great content.  Not all modules are fully applicable in our environment.  We think the included ones are of interest.

Choose free access and decline any pop-up invitation to chat.  The course is available to anyone.

Driving Safely


MOL Refresh: All MOL Basic Health and Safety Awareness Training can be found here, including:

  • Worker Training – PDF and online versions
  • Supervisor Training – PDF and online versions


AODA Training Refresh

  • Follow the instructions listed on the page and complete modules as necessary.
  • Alternate formats are available for each module.