Holds Takeout Frequently Asked Questions

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Why are there only four branches listed to pick up my holds?
We will slowly add more branches as re-opening processes are finalized.

These are currently the four locations open for Takeout: Central Library, Red Hill, Dundas and Terryberry branches.

Why do I need an appointment?
To ensure your materials are ready and to better manage physical distancing. Here are step-by-step instructions on how to schedule a Takeout appointment.

What are the appointment times?
Pickup appointments begin June 23, 2020 and can be scheduled

11:30am-6:30pm Tuesday through Thursday or
11:30am-4:30pm Friday and Saturday.

Can I return my library materials at my appointment?
No. Please put items in the drop box at any of our branches, any time. Please don’t hand your items to staff directly.

How do I know which holds are ready to be picked up?
You'll receive an email confirming the items ready for pickup. Next, choose your pickup date and time on the Takeout scheduling calendar.

What if I miss or am late for my appointment?
You can reschedule. Call 905-546-3200 or chat at HPL.ca, or set up an appointment yourself using Takeout scheduling calendar. If you are late arriving, you can dial the branch number indicated on the posted sign to make arrangements.

How long can I keep my items?
You have four weeks to enjoy your items, including DVDs, CDs and games.

How many items can I borrow at once?
50 items can be borrowed at one time.

When can I add new holds to my list?
You can add new holds starting the week of June 15. When you receive confirmation your holds are ready for pickup, schedule an appointment by calling 905-546-3200, chat at HPL.ca, or use our Takeout scheduling calendar.

Why can’t I cancel my holds in my HPL online account?
Customers can cancel any holds which are "not ready". If the item is “Ready for Pickup” or “In Transit”, please call 905-546-3200 or chat online on HPL.ca to cancel your holds.

Can I pick up holds for others?
Library customers can schedule and pick up holds for two family members/friends during their appointment. Here are step-by-step instructions on how-to pick up holds.

How do I manage/cancel my holds?
Below are two instruction sheets with step-by-step information on how to: cancel holds on items you have already read, listened to or watched, pause items you don’t want right now or change your pickup location to one of the four branches currently open: Central Library, Red Hill, Terryberry or Dundas branches.

If you do not change the pickup location of your holds, they will stay there until that branch is open.

Cancelling holds
Changing Hold Pickup Location

I have books at one of the branches that won’t be open yet, how can I get them?
If you do not change the pickup location of your holds, they will stay there until we open that branch.

If you prefer to pick up at one of the four branches currently open, log into your my HPL account and choose one either Central Library, Red Hill, Terryberry or Dundas branches. When you receive a notice your holds are ready, schedule a date and time for pickup at your chosen branch, using the Takeout scheduling calendar. You can also call 905-546-3200 or chat at HPL.ca.

When will my branch be open for Takeout?
We’re offering this service in phases. Thank you for your patience.

Can I use the washroom/computers/WiFi while at the branch?
At this time, Library services and spaces are not available. WiFi is available.

Will Book Club kits be available soon?
Not until later in the Fall. In the meantime, check OverDrive’s Book Club selection for 192 titles available in multiple copies.

Can we pick up our holds from the Bookmobile?
No. In the coming weeks we will provide additional information about our phased reopening plan at our other branches, including the Bookmobile.

Why are my items not checked in?
We are working on this as there is a huge backlog. Fines will not accumulate.

Are the books, DVDs, CDs virus-free?
All library materials are quarantined for 72 hours (as recommended by Health Canada and Hamilton Public Health). Staff also wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when handling the items and practice frequent hand hygiene.

Will the items on hold be checked out to me before my takeout appointment?
Yes, your items will be checked out the day of your appointment and have a 4 week loan period.