Gallery4 Annex: March-Nov 2020

Amber Delaney In Unrepose

In Unrepose by Amber Delaney

For the past two years I have been creating a more contemporary body of work dealing with body acceptance and chronic pain. This came about in response to a personal battle with EDS, and coping with the effects of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome has been at the forefront of this new work. The human body is something we all take for granted until something goes wrong, then you realize how exhausting it can be when you are unable to properly walk, bend or sleep. I’ve had to adjust mentally and physically to a connective tissue disorder that has affected my art and my life for good and for bad. I wanted these pieces to convey that feeling of isolation and being suffocated by pain, and I hope that with this work I can bring awareness to this chronic disease and help others who may be in pain and feel alone.


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