Gallery Turner Park: May 2018

photos of oil paintings of beeatles

Infestation: The Entomology Series by Lacie Williamson 

"Beetles with a bit of Jackson Pollock colour, which make a fun and decorative piece of art..." - Robert Bateman about The Entomology Series 

In Egyptian culture the beetle was a sacred symbol of the spirit, carrying messages that bring our attention to renewal, spiritual maturity and the powerful influences of the invisible side of life. Infestation is a non-violent preservation of the natural world inspired by taxidermy, putting creepy crawlies in the spotlight. Each beetle's thorax and abdomen are uniquely it's own, having been cut from a large splattered canvas. The beetle bodies are mounted on acid-free paper and fitted to a frame that compliment's its colours before the addition of the head, thorax and legs in ink. Sharing the collection of bugs is a celebration of life, rebirth and proliferation. 

Lacie Williamson is a self-taught visual artist from Dunnville, Ontario where she owns and operates LVW Creative Barracks. The Barracks is an art studio and gallery where she offers creative workshops and classes to all ages. Growing up surrounded by farmland on the shores of Lake Erie, Williamson pulls her inspiration from nature, travelling and literature. Williamson works in a variety of media including photography, acrylic, watercolour, pen and ink, and spray paint.


Turner Park Branch offers artists from the community an opportunity to exhibit small intimate monthly shows in a dynamic public setting.

Upcoming Exhibits for Gallery Turner Park
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