Gallery Dundas: Sept/Oct/Nov 2019

Leaves on the pavement with water on them

Lee Munn: Hamilton Artist

Lee is a landscape style artist. Born in Hamilton, Ontario, Lee began painting seriously while in high school. His formal art education began at the age of 16 and continued through his late teens when he studied Fine Arts at Dundas Valley School of Art, Graphic Design at George Brown College, Mohawk College & Sheridan College.

Lee paints all year round, both on location and from his photos. He tries to show his viewers the beauty of these places. He paints with mostly with acrylics on canvas and watercolours.

Lee travels all over Ontario in all seasons painting small pieces on location and taking photographs, then bringing them home to his studio to turn them into larger paintings. Nature and the outdoors have always played a strong role in the life of Lee Munn.

He prefers a realistic style to an impressionistic approach. Lee’s highly detailed paintings have been strongly influenced in the Hamilton area surrounded by beautiful nature which influenced him greatly


The Dundas Branch offers artists from the community an opportunity to exhibit their work. 

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