Gallery Dundas

Pilgrim Shadows by Ellen Ryan

October - December 2022

Ellen Ryan focuses attention on the here and now by following the light with her camera to capture her own shadow.

Each shadow photograph serves as both ‘selfie’ and ‘un-selfie’, within a specific geographic, textural and colour context. Ellen’s shadow walks in her Hamilton neighbourhood and across national borders, on city sidewalks, on country lanes, at the seaside, through parks, and along nature trails.

Reviewing her shadow images has led the retired professor to reflect upon Aging with a Creative Spirit. As a writer and photographer, she uses creative nonfiction to explore the meanings of walking with her shadow – including poetic captions and poetry on how her shadow dares jump over locked gates and stretch her head to the bottom of steep steps.  For more information, see her 2020 Pilgrim Shadow essay. Ellen will elaborate on the exhibit theme in two presentations:  in-person at 2:00 pm in Dundas Library on Friday, October 14th and on HPL Online at 3:30pm, Wednesday, November 9th.

The shadow images in this exhibit are selected from the 70 posted in blogs on her Writing, Aging & Spirit website over the past 10 years. 

Camino Pilgrims shows Ellen arriving on the steps of the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela accompanied by a Spanish padre (thanks to the light of the day).

Contact Ellen with inquiries about presentations and photographs via email at