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The music scene in Hamilton is rich and wide-ranging from orchestras to drum corps, classical to jazz, bar scene to string, as well as voice and percussion ensembles. There's a good chance that what you want to listen to is available here.


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  • Listen to the TH&B Railway Blues recorded by King Biscuit Boy in 1963 and found on Doug Carter's Cool Fool website.




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Musicians in Hamilton

Image of King Biscuit Boy

An ever growing list from Gallery 4 of Hamilton and area musicians past and present...

A Short History of Music and Music Education in Hamilton

Image of the first home of the Hamilton Conservatory of Music

Beginning with the late 19th century...

Music Ensembles

Image of Hamilton Philharmonic Youth Orchestra

Everything from children's choirs to jazz ...

Grants, Funding & Education Opportunities in Music

Looking for a workshop? Planning on going to school for a music diploma or degree? Checking to see if you qualify for a grant? This is the place to start.

Musical Organizations in Hamilton

Image of An Instrument for Every Child Logo

Local organizations essential to the continued creation and enjoyment of music ...