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1877-1878 - Francis Edwin Kilvert

Francis Edwin Kilvert
Francis Edwin Kilvert

Kilvert attended school in cobourg before studying law in the offices of Chief Justice Armour. He moved to Hamilton in 1865 and entered a partnership with Richard Thomson. He was called to the bar two years later. Kilvert became the District Manager of the Canadian Bank of Commerce. From 1874 to 1876 he served as an alderman and was elected mayor in 1877 and 1878. Kilvert was elected as a Conservative Member of Parliament in 1878 and re-elected in 1882, retiring with the 1887 election. He then received a position as collector of customs.


Born: December 27, 1838, Rice Lake area, Hamilton Township, Northumberland County

Married: Nancy Young Cory, June 6, 1863

Died: August 21, 1910

Buried: Hamilton Cemetery