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Mayors of Hamilton

A portrait gallery of the mayors of the city of Hamilton from the first to the current.

  • Ferrie arrived in Canada in 1824. In 1830 he arrived in Hamilton with his brother Adam to set up a branch of the family business.
  • Tiffany came from a prominent Ancaster family. He was educated at Dartmouth College and subsequently opened a law office in Hamilton.
  • Distin first appears in Hamilton assessment rolls in 1824 on King Street. His occupation was that of tinsmith.
  • Fisher came to Hamilton in 1835 and opened the first foundry in the city at the north west corner of James and Merrick Streets. He manufactured the first threshing machines in Canada.
  • When still young, John Rose Holden came to Canada and studied law under Judge Campbell of Niagara. He formed a legal partnership with Richard Oliver Duggan in Hamilton.

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