Meeting Room Rentals

Booking Information

The Hamilton Public Library provides affordable meeting rooms for rent to profit and non-profit groups at the Central Library and some branch libraries.

How to Book a Room

  1. Call branches directly for branch bookings.
  2. Have date(s) and time ready so that the room availability can be checked.
  3. Your name, organization, billing address, phone number, room setup and audio requirements are needed to process your room rental.
  4. Payment should be made prior to your booking.
  5. Enjoy your room.


Groups are responsible for:

  • appointing a contact person (in all cases the organization will be sent the invoice);
  • leaving the rooms in good order;
  • any damages incurred;
  • any additional janitorial cleanup;
  • catering, food, dishes, utensils;
  • providing masking/scotch tape, scissors, markers, extension cords, etc.;
  • Security costs beyond normal library hours (at applicable locations).

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