Meeting Room Rentals


Rooms are rented on a cost recovery basis. There is a basic rental rate per four hour period for each room. Additional fees are applied for custom room set-ups, security guard service, and equipment rental. Discounts apply for multiple bookings. Fees are established in the fee schedules. Payment should be made by credit card (MasterCard or VISA), Interact, cash, or cheque in advance.

Non–profit organizations will be given a 33% discount off the regular rate. Nonprofit organizations charging admission, advertising "admission by donation" or "donation suggested" or fund raising in library facilities will be charged the full rate.

Cancellation Fees

Cancellations must be reported at least seven (7) days in advance, freeing rooms for other bookings. Cancellations of less then seven (7) days' notice will result in a 100% charge. The Library may charge an additional fee of $25 for each room booking change, which requires an invoice to be reissued.


The organization is responsible for any damages to library property incurred while renting a meeting room.

Loss of Rental Privileges

Failure to follow this policy, the Hamilton Public Library Rules, or the terms described in the rental agreement, after one written warning, will result in the cancellation of future room booking privileges.

The Library will not accept new bookings and will cancel existing room bookings for groups that have invoices outstanding of 45 days or longer.

Room bookings are accepted from individuals on behalf of organizations. The Library accepts no responsibility if the individual in question does not have the authority to book a room; the invoice will be sent to the organization in all cases.

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