Gallery4 Annex: July 2018

oil painting by Dana Cowie

HOME by Dana Cowie

I've lived in Kirkendall, Hamilton for most of my life. Every day I walk the neighbourhood. On the weekends I explore other areas of Hamilton and its surrounding towns. I work with my husband, photographer, Harry Gils, to find images to paint. He sources them for me with his camera so I can then paint in my studio.

A few years ago I began painting in acrylic recognizable buildings and Kirkendall streetscapes with vintage cars and trucks that I would see in the Locke St. area. Last year my Hamilton paintings switched focus to oil paint and the Niagara escarpment. These works show natural elements that I've found on the Bruce Trail and landscapes with the escarpment in the background.

This year I've continued my study of our area with the inclusion of the figure.  As I venture out into the community I inevitably meet the people who live here. I have a tender spot for people and want to connect with them. This series of portraits continues to illustrate our city. I'm excited to continue this series about Hamilton and its residents. For me, painting our home expresses a moment in time where people matter and there is beauty in everyday life. As the popular slogan goes, "Hamilton is home."


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