Gallery4 on the 1st floor: December 2017

black and white photoe of people on bikes

Pedal-Driven by Andrea Kita

​In my life's journeys, both at home and afar, I am drawn to capture the intersection of vibrancy and potential in the real world environments that I explore.  My lens is an optimistic one and I am drawn to capture dynamic informal settings for public life that are essential for the health of both our communities and ourselves.

​As someone who has cycled for work, recreation and travel I am mindful of how cycling enhances my experience. Living in Hamilton, I  contribute to the local art community to  create dialogue of our shared experience across communities, cultures and countries. I work primarily in black and white, using both traditional hand-printed dark room and digital printing techniques.



Gallery4 at the Central Library is located at the 1st floor of Central Library. Thousands of people a month pass through this lobby, which makes it an excellent downtown location to view local artists.

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