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Arthur William Brown (1881 - 1966 )

Image of a photo of Arthur Brown
Arthur William Brown (1881 - 1966) Hamilton Artist
Image of an Arthur Brown illustration
Arthur Brown (1881 - 1966) Illustration for lead story Saturday Evening Post, March 10, 1928

About the Artist:

Arthur Brown studied under John Gordon at the Hamilton Art School in the 1890's. At the age of sixteen he showed his cartoons to the managing editor of the Hamilton Spectator and was hired on the spot. He eventually became a chalk plate artist at the Spectator and with his increase in salary, was able to save enough money to leave for New York City and lessons with the Art Students League. A couple of years later a friend's employer, the Saturday Evening Post, liked his work well enough to offer him a position.  By 1929 he had become a millionaire through his work as an illustrator for the "Saturday Evening Post, American Magazine, Redbook and almost every other magazine of importance in the United States." "From 1903 to 1953, Brown illustrated the serialized stories of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Booth Tarkington, Ring Lardner, Irvin Cobb, Arthur Train, Sinclair Lewis. O. Henry and countless other American writers. By 1964, he had earned the unofficial title of Dean of American Illustrators and, in that year, he was named to the Illustrator’s Hall of Fame by a unanimous vote of the American Society of Illustrators." “Not bad for the boy born in “Hamilton on a cold winter’s night in the ugly eighties”.


Stuart MacCuaig

Climbing the Cold White Peaks

A Survey of Artists in and from Hamilton 1910 to 1950


About the Painting:

This illustration taken from the Saturday Evening Post is indicative of Brown's work although he had learned early in his career "that illustrations of beautiful women were sure to be poplular". So popular in fact, that in 1938 he was selected as the most popular artist in New York City by the city's glamour girls. Brown's work for well-known authors of the day, like many that of many of his fellow illustrators, made him very well known to the public and in 1946 he was invited back to his hometown to select the first Miss Canada at the pagent held here in Hamilton.


Dictionary of Hamilton Biography, Volume IV


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